Native American and Alaska Native students

Native students using the Native American Tuition Waiver to participate in FLC's engineering program, working in lab

Approximately 41% of FLC students are Native American or Alaska Native, representing 177 nations, tribes, and villages. FLC consistently ranks as one of the most culturally diverse colleges, and its faculty, staff, and administration work to create a living and learning space supportive to the needs of all FLC students—one more reason FLC is a great choice for your college education.

Native American Tuition Waiver

As a member of a US federally recognized Native American Tribe or Alaska Native Village, you may use the Native American Tuition Waiver (NATW) to attend FLC tuition free. You will still be responsible for other expenses, including student fees, housing and meal costs, books, and other fees.

Read more about eligibility and benefits on our Financial Aid site.

Please note: if you live in Colorado, you must also apply for in-state tuition (Colorado Opportunity Fund) as the tuition waiver will only cover the in-state tuition rate.


For purposes of the tuition waiver, Native American is defined as follows:

"The term Native American shall include all persons of Native American descent who are members of any recognized Native American tribe now under federal jurisdiction, and all persons who are descendants of such members who were, on June 1, 1934, residing within the present boundaries of any Native American reservation, and shall further include all persons of one-half or more Native American blood. Eskimos and other aboriginal people of Alaska shall be considered Native Americans."

Tribal Agency Scholarships

Native American students are encouraged to contact their Tribal Agency to find out how to apply for additional financial assistance. Most tribal agencies require that a student complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application and submit a Financial Need Analysis (FNA) from. The Financial Aid Office can complete the FNA once the student’s FAFSA is processed. The FAFSA takes time to process, so please fill it out well in advance of your FNA request. However, if the agency permits, we can provide budget forecasts to tribal agencies for students who do not have a complete financial aid file - on an exception basis.

The Native American Center

Find additional scholarship opportunities through our Native American Center (NAC). The NAC also provides community, tutoring, and campus cultural events.


The old Fort Lewis property in Hesperus, Colorado was home to a military base and Indian boarding school in the 1800s. In 1910, the US federal government offered to hand the property over to the State of Colorado with the following stipulations: the property must remain an educational center and be inclusive of Native American students, who would be admitted tuition free, and offered an education equal to that of other students.