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March’s ballot gives you the option of selecting:

 Organic Bell Peppers (Sourced from Fresh Pack)

 Organic Carrots (sourced from Fresh Pack)

 Organic Onions (sourced from Fresh pack)

Vote Real Here!


Show us how crazy you are for real food! This spring choose between shifting CARROTS, BELL PEPPERS, or ONIONS from their conventional forms to their Organic and/ or local form! Vote from March 20 to April 3!

About Vote Real: Vote Real is an initiative launched by the Environmental Center’s Real Food Challenge team in to provide FLC students, faculty and staff with the opportunity to move the Real Food Challenge forward in a way that meets their interests and desires.  When you Vote Real, you choose between 2-3 different food products they would like to see shifted from current conventional standards to a ‘real’ product (fair, humane, ecologically-sound, and/or local). The product that receives the most votes will be shifted on Sodexo’s purchasing roster as seasonally available…students will help create the change that they wish to see…and we will be that much closer to meeting our Real Food Challenge goal (20% Real by 2020) and creating a fair, healthy, and environmentally-sustainable food system.


25 Years of Amazing Work

Help us tell the Environmental Center's 25th Anniversary Story!

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This year marks the Environmental Center's 25th anniversary. Over the years, our students, staff, volunteers, and community have worked tirelessly to advance environmental responsibility and social justice across our campus and our region. We've launched recycling efforts, aided in the completion of a countywide food-security assessment, drafted the FLC Sustainability Action Plan, committed FLC to the Real Food Challenge...and on and on.

In many ways, however, the Environmental Center's most powerful work is what comes afterwards: once a student graduates from the EC and launches into the world, taking with them the values that they explored and skills they developed while they were here.

During this milestone anniversary year, we've already heard a wealth of beautiful and inspiring stories from alumni that are working in wonderful ways to improve their communities - but we want to hear more! If you have been a part of the EC in any way over our history, please take a moment to tell us your story. We are looking forward to sharing our collective narrative with our community as we celebrate 25 years of impactful work!

Here's to the next 25 Years!

Rachel Landis, Environmental Center Coordinator

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The Environmental Center is a campus organization dedicated to environmental sustainability and social justice on campus and in the community. We are located in the Student Union room 145.

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