Environmental & Sustainability Jobs

Part of the mission of the Environmental Center is to help FLC students and alumni find meaningful careers making a positive difference in this world! Finding a job or chance to build your résumé can be a challenge, but the EC is here to help connect you to opportunities. 

When we hear about openings for openings jobs, internships, or other opportunities, we include them in our EC Digest and post information in our office. Sign up for the EC Digest and swing by our office to keep up-to-date on the latest openings. 

Another great way for students to gain experience is to get involved with the EC or other environmental groups on campus. You can join our teamvolunteer, or find a student organization that is focused on environmental and sustainability work. 

Employers & Organizations

Are you an employer or organization with an opportunity to promote? Let us know! 

Career Services

FLC students and employers should also utilize Fort Lewis College Career Services to post and find opportunities.