Collaborate for sustainability

Study our environment at Fort Lewis College

Fort Lewis College prides itself on its wide variety of environmental and sustainability learning opportunities. Please explore our Environmental & Sustainability Programs and Majors for more information on what we offer here at Fort Lewis College. 

Utilize the Environmental Center for coursework

Students are encouraged to tap into the knowledge and expertise of our professional staff for class projects and research. Email us, or stop by our office to schedule a meeting with us to see how we can help! 

Faculty who are interested in utilizing the EC to support their courses or research should read our quick guide to working with the EC. Connect with us on applied research opportunities, guest lectures, connections to community organizations, use of our campus growing spaces, or any other creative teaching ideas. 

Applied research with the Environmental Center

The most effective change is that which is properly informed. Each year, the EC and the Campus Sustainability Committee (CSC) create a list of applied research opportunities which would support environmental and sustainability efforts on campus and in the community. The potential projects cover a wide variety of topics and require a broad range of research approaches. 

Students or faculty who are interested in working with the EC and the CSC on applied research should contact EC staff