What guides us

Environmental Center students and coordinator discussing a project in the EC office

Environmental Center Mission

Strengthen students' commitment to creating a more environmentally and socially responsible world by providing them meaningful opportunities to foster change on campus and in our community.

How we do it

Our office has two professional staff members, but as a Student Sponsored Organization (SSO) we are student-driven at heart. Every year, students brainstorm, plan, implement, maintain, evaluate, and improve dozens of projects and programs that create a more environmentally and socially responsible community.

Our staff and student team members fulfill the mission of the Environmental Center through four dimensions of our work:

  • Student-led projects and programs
  • Campus and community sustainability
  • Academic support
  • Foster connections
Student-led projects and programs

We run a team-based applied learning program that engages students to tackle environmental and social problems. Explore our EC Initiatives for more information on the work our students are doing--work that includes local food security, land stewardship, climate action, and zero waste projects.


Campus and community sustainability

We advance campus and community sustainability efforts through coordination and collaboration as well as integrating our work with that of the Campus Sustainability Council.

Academic support

We support academic pursuits related to environmental, social, and sustainability issues. Most notably, this includes our library of donation-based environmental and social sustainability books, videos, and other resources.

Faculty who are interested in utilizing the EC to support their courses or research should read our quick guide to working with the EC. You can connect with us on applied research opportunities, guest lectures, or utilizing our spaces.

Students can intern with us for academic credit or utilize our professional staff for support on class projects and research. 

Foster connections

We maintain a network of connections between students, the FLC campus, and the community. These connections provide students with opportunities and experience while strengthening a culture of environmental and social responsibility on campus and in our greater community.

Community members interested in working with us should read our quick guide to working with the EC.

Stay connected by subscribing to the EC Digest, following us on social media, or coming by our office to chat in person!

Our values

Our values provide the foundation for everything we do and guide our interactions with each other, our campus, our greater community, and the world.

Positive action