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Students working in the EC campus garden

Students who work with us gain valuable experience in how to create positive environmental and social change. We are looking for passionate individuals excited to gain professional skills, develop their personal change-making ethic, and be part of our fantastic team!

Opportunities to work at the EC range from general members to Project Lead and specialized positions that require a higher level of commitment. Check out all our current openings below. Please note that the application process can vary for different positions, so please read the job descriptions carefully.

Ways to get involved at the EC

Environmental Center Members

As a member of the EC, you’ll be part of a group of students who care about the same things you do! You’ll get the chance to participate in various projects and attend various activities, events, and workshops – all aimed at making our community more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

You can help in our campus garden, work with a crew of students to help organize an awareness event or work on a campaign to reduce our Campus's plastic waste. There’s lots of important work to do! EC member involvement is flexible and designed to work around your busy schedule—you connect with the projects you’re passionate about.

Become an EC Member

Student Project Leads

Project Leads are students ready to take on more responsibility with our center. As a Project Lead, you are expected to commit to working 4-8 hours per week overseeing one or more projects for the EC.

As a Project Lead, you'll work with EC professional staff and fellow students to identify and implement projects that will create lasting, meaningful, and positive impacts at FLC and in the greater community. Along the way, our professional staff will provide you with personal and professional development through coaching, mentorship, and training.

Projects range from hosting educational events and workshops, providing services to our campus community, getting our leaders to commit to a more environmentally responsible campus, and more!

Apply now - Applications due Wednesday, January 24, 2024

EC Project Lead

The EC Project Lead Job description explains what it means to be a Project Lead and provides information on how to apply. We typically accept Project Lead applications during the first week of each semester. Are you interested in joining mid-semester? No problem! Students can sign up to be a member of the EC to start gaining experience there and then apply to be a Project Lead at the start of the following semester. Just fill out the application form, and you’ll hear back from us!

Apply to be an EC Project Lead

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