Professional Staff

Marcel GaztambideMarcel Gaztambide
Assistant Director

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Environmental protection and sustainable systems have always been important, but I think their importance looms larger in the context of a changing climate, diminishing resources, and environmental injustice. Now, maybe more than ever, it’s important to protect what we have, restore what’s been lost, and build community while enjoying the amazing spaces offered by our region and our campus!

I’m passionate about healthy landscapes and sustainability in its many forms, and I love to connect people with the issues that they care about most. Contact me regarding:

  • Zero Waste initiatives, including campus recycling and institutional composting
  • Climate, Energy, Transportation initiatives
  • Communications and promotions including the EC Digest
  • Large-scale events and programs
  • Strategic planning and new initiatives
  • Donor and fundraising opportunities

Sadie MagnificoSadie Magnifico

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I think answers to many of the questions in our lives can be found in nature and by examining healthy and intact ecosystems. I love to chat with others about their experiences connecting with ecosystems: your latest adventure in a wild place, the veggies or plants you’re growing, a meaningful meal you cooked with loved-ones, or any ideas you have about restoring and sustaining the social and ecological fabric of our campus!

Contact me regarding:

  • Local Food initiatives, including our campus garden and orchard
  • Campus food service sustainability
  • Ecology and lands initiatives
  • EC office management and administration
  • Student member hiring and HR

Student Team Members

Real Food Challenge teamOur center is student driven, and a lot of our sustainability projects are run by our student Project Leads. To get in touch with any of our Project Leads please come by our office.