Danielle Aline Ghear

I started out in Talent Search in Middle school then moved to Upward Bound for all of high school.

I am now attending Fort Lewis College, and am soon to graduate.

I have to give so much credit to Upward Bound for it's support and help in my college education. I had people I looked up to available to talk to at any time, and had a place to go for information ad resources.

Without their help in writing essays for scholarships, I don't think I would have had as much success with my applications. With the full ride scholarship I'm financially stable enough to do well in class with a part-time job.

I am working towards a degree in Humanities with a main focus on Gender and Women’s studies, a secondary in Psychology and a secondary in Art.

I am hoping to finish with my bachelors and continue schooling.

I'm now involved with PAA and am happy to have continued support throughout college.

Kayla KKayla K.

I was in the programs 2002-2006

I am going to college at Fort Lewis College I am graduating in April 2011

UB helped me become more confidant in myself and developed my social skills. I was able to go into college confidant that I could make new friends in an unfamiliar environment and be successful. I knew what to expect at college and how work through the challenges.

My degree is Business with the Art option. I am based in the art department with an emphasis on business. I will be able to work and eventually manage an art gallery, or work in a museum.

I am currently finishing my degree and will graduate in April 2011. Then i am traveling to Italy for 2 weeks. Once I get back I am hoping to work with AmeriCorps for a year or two working with students and young adults.