Tips on How to Help your Student Succeed

  • Get your student's school log in and check their grades weekly in order to help your student identify classes they may need help in before those classes become a problem
  • Encourage your student to participate in service learning, leadership, and volunteer activities
  • Check in regularly with your student about what they are working on with their TRIO advisor
  • Provide encouragement and support, and make sure that your child understands that grades are very important
  • Realize that it is your student’s responsibility to get homework done, prepare for tests, and follow school rules
  • Help your student select appropriate courses (rigorous curriculum, see student checklist for details)
  • Explore and discuss college options. Talk with your student regularly about their plans after high school.
  • Stay in contact with your student’s TRIO advisor and make sure your student attends UB activities throughout the year
  • Expect your student to be in school, on time, every day
  • Attend open houses and parent conferences
  • Limit your student’s screen time

Read more tips for parents by downloading the checklist ;that matches your student's year in school! Links to all the checklists are listed on the right of this page under Important Documents.

Important Documents