Gary Treat

Career Title: Owner, Southwest Trane

Education:B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Washington State University, Pullman, WA

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Career Profile:  1964 – 6 months in a graduate training program of The Trane Company in La Crosse, Wisconsin
1965 – Sales Engineer with Trane in San Francisco
1969 – Working holiday for 2 years including:
          6 months as an application engineer for Trane in Australia
          2 months as an application engineer for Trane in South Africa
1971 – Sales Engineer/Account Executive with Trane in San Diego and San Francisco
1983 – Sales Manager for Trane in San Francisco
1989 – Owner, Southwest Trane in Albuquerque

Southwest Trane was a Trane franchise responsible for commercial air conditioning.  The Company was really 4 businesses with offices in Albuquerque and El Paso serving New Mexico, West Texas and the State of Chihuahua in Mexico.  The four businesses were:
          Air conditioning Service
          Commercial air conditioning equipment sales
          Wholesale HVAC parts stores
          Subcontractor installing building automation systems

2007 – Southwest Trane was sold to Trane

Volunteer/Community Service:  Working with middle school students to improve the school dropout rate and improve learning.  In 2001, he started a Goal Program, “Choose Your Future”, at a poorly performing middle school in Albuquerque.  The purpose of the program is to make the students realize that school is important to a happy future.  He brought the program to Escalante Middle School in Durango in 2009.

Personal Interests:  Family, golf, fishing and hunting, snow sports, woodworking, photography.