Robert K Yearout

Career Title:Manager, Concessions Management Program, retired
                      National Park Service 

B.A. History, Whitworth University, Spokane, Washington
M.A. Government, George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

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Career Profile: Bob was with the National Park Service for 34 years, primarily in the concessions management program.  He worked in the NPS Legislative Liaison Office and the Concessions Division in Washington, and then transferred to Grand Canyon National Park, first as its concessions analyst, and then as a unit manager with operational and planning responsibilities.  He then went to Grand Teton National Park, where he had concessions analyst and management assistant responsibilities. 

For 14 years he managed the Service’s Concessions Planning and Analysis Division, located at the NPS Denver Service Center (planning, design, construction, professional services).  The division provided parks and planning teams technical assistance in concessions related planning, economic feasibility studies, facility design review, concessions operation analyses, and building replacement cost estimates.  He also served on numerous NPS planning teams, including two planning projects in India.

From 1994 to his retirement in 1999, he was the Concessions Program Manager for the NPS.   During this period, the NPS had over 600 concessioners in 130 parks, with annual sales exceeding $700 million.

Since retirement he has provided consulting services in the area of national park concessions management, including the development of concessions materials for parks in Egypt, Jordan, Ecuador, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Chile; and was an instructor in the Service’s concessions management training program provided by the Northern Arizona University School of Hotel and Restaurant Management.

FLC Activities:  Bob is a Past-President of Professional Associates, and serves on its Executive Committee.