Creative community

FLC art student paintingStudy art where there’s a place for you, where critique is collaboration rather than competition. Find your own voice while helping other artists to find theirs. Our programs foster a sense of community and broaden your creative vision with a breadth of courses across the liberal arts core curriculum. Working in small classes with mentorship from dedicated faculty sets you up for success beyond school.

Connect with Art & Design

2 majors, 1 minor

Choose from a major in graphic design, called Communication Design for its emphasis on the communicative aspects of design work, and Studio Art. Additionally, you can complement your art or other major with a minor in Art History.

Communication Design major

Learn the theory and practice your execution of graphic design. You’ll learn about layout, typography, color, and the essentials of visual communication. Internship opportunities and faculty guidance set you up to launch your career as a graphic designer.

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Studio Art major

Try your hand in a medley of media, or deep dive into your chosen mode of expression. You’ll get mentorship and guidance from professional artists and work in some of the finest facilities of any art program.

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Art History minor

Understand visual communication at a big picture level. How do we as humans, across cultures, express ourselves, communicate ideas, and shape our world visually? This is a great complement to any major and provides an essential foundation for many careers.

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Study abroad

Be with major works of art in their context. Study the history, politics, and culture that gave birth to these creations and attached meaning to them. Visit museums and cities to see the original works that have shaped subsequent generations of artists.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Study Abroad (ART 390) is cancelled for 2021. More information to follow.

Campus galleries

The FLC Art Gallery hosts exhibits from national, regional, and local artists. The range of artistic expression, media, geographic orientation, and purpose offer students unique learning and research opportunities.

Student work

The Exit Gallery showcases student work in individual and group exhibits. Students learn how to create exhibits and have the opportunity to graduate with experience showing their own original work.