Biology program

Captivated by microbiota

A Petri dish with weird things growing in it against a white background

Hands-on research is at the heart of FLC’s Biology program.

Our excellent faculty supports you as you investigate and research topics you care about.

You will apply this knowledge to the real world in a way that is typically reserved for graduate school.

Asa Laskie, Biology

Generating tools for understanding viruses.


Cynthia Dott, Professor of Biology including environmental biology

"At FLC, field-based study is accessible and exciting. In many Biology courses, our laboratories have the sky for a roof and trees and rivers for the walls."

Concentrations within Biology

Choose from two concentrations. You can focus your studies on the tiny and wondrous worlds of cellular and molecular biology, or the endlessly fascinating relationships of organisms in their environments.

Environmental & Organismal

Inquire into the delicate environmental systems and unique organisms that make our world beautiful and complex. Learn about individual taxa—how they thrive, what endangers them, and how they differ from other taxa. Take your understanding of organisms in their ecosystems into further studies or to begin a career in resource management, wildlife biology, environmental consulting or other options.

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Cellular & Molecular

Zoom in and see how life looks under a microscope. Design and execute research about processes at the cell and gene levels. Investigate disease, healthy functioning, and genetics. Prepare for graduate studies in biological and biomedical research, medicine, and other health professions.

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Pre-health Certificate

For students interested in a career in allied health professions like chiropractic, dentistry, nursing, or other health professions like veterinary medicine. We offer advising and course tracks that support your career pursuit. We even provide a Pre-Health Certificate.

What can you do with a Biology degree?

Your opportunities for independent, original research with direct faculty mentorship put you way out front of the competition, whether you're looking at graduate school, working in a lab, or in the field.