Make the Most of Your English Degree

English Department Internships

Internships are a great way to apply your classroom learning in hands-on professional experience. Students in the English Department regularly intern at KDUR Community Radio, the Indy, Indy Online, other local newspapers, the Durango Independent Film Festival, or other organizations in and around Durango.

Learn about internship opportunities by talking with English Department faculty or contacting Career Services.

Peer Education Center

The world’s greatest writers all work with editors. It gets difficult to know how a reader will interpret the words we’ve been laboring over, reading and rereading, deleting and rewriting. The Peer Education Center is a resource for all students working on a writing project. You can get support at any point in the writing process:

  • Generating ideas for a paper
  • Creating an organizational structure
  • Editing and revising drafts

Read more about the Peer Education Center.

English Department Scholarships

You may be able to offset the cost of college with the following English department scholarships:

  • Terry R. Bacon Scholarship
  • Independent Newspaper Scholarship
  • Craig F. McLean Scholarship
  • Paul Pavich Scholarship
  • Carroll Peterson Scholarship

Scholarships range from $100 to $1000, and applications are due February 1 unless otherwise noted in the application information.

Apply for scholarships.

English organizations & student groups

Images Magazine

Images Magazine is our student-run literary magazine publishing original artwork literary pieces created by FLC students and faculty.

Independent News Organization

The Independent serves the FLC community with a bi-weekly print publication, the Independent News Magazine, and its digital arm, the Indy Online.

KDUR Community Radio

KDUR offers locally produced music and public affairs programs in service to the Four Corners region and syndicated national programming such as BBC World News, Democracy Now!, and This Way Out, to name just a few. Listen to KDUR online or spin the dial to 91.9 or 93.9 FM.

Sigma Tau Delta

Sigma Tau Delta, the international English honor society, supports English students in creating a network of scholars devoted to studying literature, language, and writing and honoring such scholars' contributions through their work.

Contact Dr. Jennifer Gehrman to get involved in the FLC chapter.