Read. Write. Publish!

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Explore the written word and discover your own literary voice

Get lost in the world of story as you develop language and critical thinking skills through analysis and expression. At FLC, you’ll workshop your writing with your peers and dedicated faculty while navigating literature, poetry, memoir, essay, journalism, and other forms of the craft to build the structure and confidence needed for success in this timeless endeavor.


Becca Thill, Writing, ’20

"The best thing about the English Department was how well I knew my professors. I had personalized letters of recommendation when I applied to graduate school from professors who made a point to know me."

Images magazine

FLC's student-run art & literary magazine

Read: Diverse FLC student contributors provide written, photographic, and artistic work.

Reflect: Thought provoking and artistic work asks you to reflect on your own experiences.

Imagine: Imagine a world filled with stories and ideas, created by adventurous students.

Create: Open for submissions and publishing content created by students for students.

Email Candace Nadon to get involved.

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What can you do with a Writing degree?

You bring the imagination. You learn the craft. You leave inspired and empowered. The road ahead is uncertain and thrilling, full of promise, and exactly what you need.