Studying in the English Department

Stories and narratives we tell ourselves and share with others define our lives. Worldwide, we have been doing this and recording it for tens of thousands of years. Today, we do this in literature and poetry, memoir and essay, journalism, film, and the songs that carry over the airwaves. Businesses, organizations, and public officials tell their stories in ever-evolving forms of communication, advertising, and public relations.

As a student in the English Department, you’ll explore the major themes of the human experience, practice working in various forms and media, and develop your craft in language, be that written or spoken, to bring your voice to the world.

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First great thing about the English DepartmentKnow your faculty on a first-name basis.

Second great thing about the English DepartmentTake classes with other courageous, passionate students (who might just be a little nutty).

Third great thing about the English DepartmentRead. Write. Repeat.

Fourth great thing about the English DepartmentOpt out of Chem or Calc (unless you're into that sort of thing).

Fifth great thing about the English DepartmentLearn to become an amazing writer.

The English Department offers three tracks available as majors and minors:

English + Teacher Licensure

Students who wish to become teachers may work toward their licensure concurrently with their English degree, by taking education courses in place of free electives. To earn your teacher licensure along with your English major, we recommend that you:

  1. Make sure you understand how the Teacher Education Licensure Program works
  2. Outline a plan with your advisor early (ideally as a First-year student)
  3. Apply to the Teacher Education Licensure Program (after completing 30 credits or sophomore standing)

Catalog description of English Secondary Education Major

Student art & journalism

Coffee and a muffin with you news

The Indy Online

The Independent News Organization, a student-run news service, serves the FLC community with a bi-weekly print magazine and an online publication for breaking news.


Images Magazine

Images Magazine is FLC's student-run literary and art magazine, featuring thought-provoking prose, poetry, and visual art that represents our diverse student population.

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          KDUR Radio     

KDUR's volunteer-powered college and community radio serves FLC and La Plata County with diverse music, alternative news, and local public affairs broadcasting.