Studying English

To study literature is to embark on a journey through the human experience. In small, intimate classes you’ll explore the essence of humanity through the lives, hearts, and minds of the great writers of the English world. On this journey, you’ll learn about the times in which those authors wrote and how their work has impacted, and continues to impact, culture and society. You’ll study the art of critique through the work of literary theorists, and you’ll develop your own style with the written word to convey complex thoughts and ideas.

You’ll also create something like a family with the other English students, a group of passionate and expressive souls, working closely with each other and with faculty who are invested in your growth—not just as a student, or a writer, but as a human. 

In addition to British and American literature, you’ll explore themes as varied as Shakespeare and modern media, and have the opportunity to tailor your studies to include poetry, Native American literature, and a range of ever-changing specialized topics.

Teacher Licensure option

To earn your teacher licensure along with your English major, we recommend that you:

  1. Make sure you understand how the Teacher Education Licensure Program works
  2. Outline a plan with your advisor early (ideally as a First-year student)
  3. Apply to the Teacher Education Licensure Program (after completing 30 credits or sophomore standing)

Course descriptions

See our catalog for course descriptions and program requirements: