Writing is at the Heart of the Liberal Arts

Academic reading, logical organization of ideas in communication, and effective writing are central to a liberal arts education anywhere, and deeply held values at FLC. Our Liberal Arts Core Communication courses are designed to support our students in building their education on a strong liberal arts foundation.

Courses cover strategies for writing academic research papers, the interpretation of arguments, identification of bias, and the organization of counter-arguments. They also cover writing in a non-academic context as well as Action Research, a method of inquiry that involves creating change as a product of conducting research.

Communication Courses

Comp 150: Rhetoric & Research

This course introduces students to the discipline of Writing Studies. Students develop a foundation of academic writing as transformative and transferrable through an anthology of readings and emphasis on threshold concepts such as: writing is linked to prior literacy experiences; writing is a social and rhetorical activity; good writing depends on the situation; and all writers have more to learn.

COMP 253: Action Research

This course builds on introductory rhetorical and genre theories. It focuses on analysis of specific genres and their conventions through critical thinking and writing in community-based research contexts. Students address specific audiences based on genres; determine appropriate exigencies; evaluate sources of evidence; deepen their understanding of writing as an activity within genre; and create and present an extended research project.

COMP 350: Rhetoric of Knowledge

This advanced course develops mastery of writing and research in students’ field of study. Students deepen their professional skills, scholarship and/or grant writing skills, as well as an understanding of the methodologies and ideologies of their disciplines. Students progress to a proposal for a senior seminar project or research paper in their field.

Read about additional communication courses in the catalog's liberal arts core curriculum description.