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Stack of books against a white background representing our English Secondary Education major

The power of the written word is enchanting. Escaping into another world, feeling the human experience in ways that connect your own life to the lives of other people, other times, other places. Literature unites us in what it means to be human. And where would be without writing? Learning how to craft our thoughts in written statements is foundational to all other formal education, lands us jobs, and even helps us in our personal development. And you want to share your love of the written word with the next generation. Combine the best of an English major with the best of Teacher Education.
In addition to studying literature and developing your voice as a writer, you’ll learn the skills to be successful in teaching middle and high school-aged students the wonders of the written word. Through Teacher Education courses and field work, you’ll be on track for licensing to teach 7-12 grade English in Colorado’s public schools. This is a rigorous program and is best completed by starting early in your college career. Talk with advisors in Teacher Education and English soon to see if this is a good fit for you.

What can you do with an English Education degree?