Exploring Journalism and Multimedia Studies

We live in times when we’re flooded with information through a variety of media, from print journalism to televised and radio news sources, to crowd-sourced accounts of historic events distributed globally in blogs and social media channels. These are the ways we tell the story of our times and frame public dialogue on important issues.

As a student in Journalism and Multimedia Studies (JMMS), you’ll develop literacy in these media as a critical consumer of, and contributor to, our story. You will also explore legal and ethical issues, media theory, and technical aspects of its production.

More about Journalism & Multimedia Studies

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Get your hands dirty

You have community radio with KDUR as well as print and online journalism through the Indy and Indy Online at your fingertips. As a JMMS major, you’ll earn academic credit when you enroll in your practicum with one of these media channels.