Studying Writing

Studying writing at FLC leads you along a path of discovery through the written word. Working closely in small classes with dedicated professors invested in your personal growth, you’ll use your critical thinking skills in thorough analysis and artful exploration.

In becoming a better reader, you’ll become a better writer, and this program is set up to support that philosophy. You’ll lay a foundation of the classics in American and British literature, as well as a variety of specific topics, genres or periods that resonate with your personal interests, exploring these texts in your own reading, and also in others’ analyses.

Upon this foundation you’ll workshop your own writing with your peers. Using your immersion in great literature, you’ll develop your skills and find your own literary voice as you explore your style in writing fiction, poetry, non-fiction and journalistic writing.

Course descriptions

See our catalog for course descriptions and program requirements:

Images Magazine

FLC's student-run art & literary magazine

Read | Diverse FLC student contributors provide written, photographic, and artistic work.

Reflect | Thought provoking and artistic work asks you to reflect on your own experiences.

Imagine | Imagine a world filled with stories and ideas, created by adventurous students.

Create | Open for submissions and publishing content created by students for students.

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