We are very proud of our alumni

Please email us with stories of how you have used your History degree or places you have visited with some historical connections you would love to share, along with a photo of you there or at your job putting that degree to work!

We also have a map of the United States in our department hallway. We would love to pinpoint where our alumni are in the world. Eventually, we would like to build an electronic version to include on our website in the Alumni Updates section.

If there are any errors in the profiles below, please let us know, and we apologize in advance.

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Meet our alumni

Fabian Martinez [2018]

We are very proud of Fabian Martinez! From his post (with permission):

"I am honored to receive two awards from the Native American Journalist Association (NAJA) in 2021. A third-place award was given to me for my article detailing the history of the La Boca Bridge and its repair in 2020. Writing that article was so much fun as I was able to research the railroad's history in the Drum’s archive and talk with elders who lived during that era. That bridge has been not only an important piece of local history but also an important piece of history for my family. Winning this award has been a big step in my career as a (part-time) journalist and a (amateur, lol) local historian. Also a big congrats to my coworkers at the Drum on their cumulative 14 NAJA wins and a big thanks to Jeremy for letting me tackle this article!"

Brianna Travell [2017]

After graduating from FLC in 2017, Brianna earned her Master of Social Work from Western Carolina University in May 2021. Based in Asheville, NC, she has been working on the Opioid Workforce Expansion Program through the Health Resources and Services Administration and working on a State Opioid Response grant through Community Impact North Carolina. She has begun a position serving youth aged 16-25 as they transition from child to adult services, providing support and outpatient therapy.

As she writes: “My history degree from FLC provided me a strong foundation to better understand systemic challenges that families and individuals face and sharpened my macro lens. Remaining rooted in history helps me better serve my clients, as I have a deep and rich understanding of the complexities of systemic inequities, shortcomings, and challenges. When I work with clients, I am better aware of the inherited generational trauma factoring into present challenges. My long-term career goal is to work in immigration and child welfare policy. The history department rocks! I am deeply fortunate to have learned from such talented and knowledgeable change agents."

Luke Perkins [2016]

Recently Luke took a job in the Marketing and Communications department at History Colorado and has been doing loads of work to promote awareness of the copious historical projects, series, and exhibitions work being done by History Colorado. He is also at CU Denver working on his Masters in Public History.

Alexander Schofield [2014]

Alexander recently graduated from his master's program with honors from the University College Dublin and the University of Potsdam. He has had the opportunity to study with some amazing professors from around the world as well as live in and experience different cultures and societies. He has friends and colleagues from all over the world and now considers Ireland and Germany to be home.  He also recently was hired as a teacher in South Korea and will begin teaching this March.

As for his thesis, Letters to Gidra: An Unrecognized Source for Understanding the Asian American Movement, 1969 – 1974, he focused on the Asian-American Experience during the Vietnam War era. In particular, he looked at a newspaper that was started by a group of Asian-Americans that discussed issues concerning the Asian-American community. As he writes: "I wanted to understand more about the public response to the Asian American Movement, so I analyzed the letters to the editor column in the newspaper. Honestly, this was by far one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done in my life, and I have a whole new respect for high-level research.”

Chelsea Rodriguez [2014]

Chelsea Rodriguez earned a Master of Science (M.Sc) in Educational Studies at KU Leuven, Belgium, with an emphasis on educational history. She has moved to The Netherlands where she is working on her PhD in Educational History at the University of Groningen, and, as she writes: "I am so happy and grateful for where life has taken me." She has also published her first article with co-author Sarah Van Ruyskensvelde: “A rising tide of discontent: mediocrity, meritocracy, and neoliberalism in American education, 1971–1983” in Paedagogica Historica: International Journal of the History of Education, published online 02 Dec 2021.

Harris Abernathy [2013]

In 2021 Harris and his family returned to Durango and in 2022 he became the Director of the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum where he manages displays, collections, and lead tours.
Prior to his return to Durango, as he writes: “Following graduation from FLC in 2014 I pursued my hands on historic preservation ambitions as a timber framer where I practiced traditional woodworking.

In 2017, working as historic interpretive guide wrangling with the world-famous Grand Canyon mules, I was exposed to the epic and often inaccurate stories surrounding the Bright Angel Trail. Setting out to correct the record, I began writing a book on the trail’s fraught history. Through grant’s provided by the National Park Service, I received a full scholarship and funding to Middle Tennessee State University’s Public History M.A. program. While writing my thesis on the Bright Angel Trail and Grand Canyon National Park, I worked as a researcher for the Center for Historic Preservation, were I crafted historic nominations, historic structures reports, and community planning measures. Following graduation, I became the Historic Preservation Specialist for a general contractor focusing in historic buildings in National Parks, however Covid abruptly ended contract work."

Greg Thornton [2007]

Greg is Manager of Enterprise Crisis Management for Zions Bancorporation. His department ensures continuity of business operations for the Bank in the event of a disaster or emergency.

As he writes: “Geez, how has it been 16 years!”