The point of the past

Study yesterday to better plan for tomorrow

Ancient urn against a white background representing our History major.

Deep classroom discussions and connections with a well-traveled faculty ensure FLC History majors develop the skills needed to organize data, ask critical questions, and write with clarity and economy. Through studies of the creative achievements of past civilizations and the historical foundations underlying cultural diversity, History majors graduate prepared to address challenges found in contemporary times. 


Andrew Gulliford, Professor of History & Environmental Studies on our history degree

"We are one of the few colleges in the country with an undergraduate concentration in public history, which offers students professional preparation in archives, museum curation, and historic preservation. "

A master’s degree in 5 years

3 + 2 Public History program

Earn your bachelor of arts as a History major and master's degree in Public History in 5 years through a collaboration between FLC and University of Colorado-Denver. Learn techniques to preserve the past by and for the people. You’ll learn archiving and analytical methods for work in any sector, with a special focus on work that makes history accessible to the general public.

Postcard photo from the 1916 blizzard in Durango, featuring three White men with a shovel and a dog and high snowbanks in downtown Durango, Colorado--the kind of treasure that history majors work with

An education that fits you

Public History concentration

Focus your history major in the areas that support work in heritage preservation, archiving, and more. Even if you don't pursue the 3+2 master’s in Public History, this concentration will provide you with the foundation for work bringing history to the people.

Heritage Preservation minor

If you choose not to major in History, you might find that a Heritage Preservation minor supports the work you’d like to do academically and beyond. Imagine yourself working in a museum, or interpreting cultural sites at a Tribal or national park.

What can you do with a History degree?

Learning to study history develops the skills perspectives that fuel a lifetime of learning through work in a variety of careers.