Keep history alive

Tell our stories where they took place

Laptop with archival binders emerging from the screen against a white background representing our Heritage Preservation minor

Work to preserve the buildings, landmarks, and other important artifacts of our heritage and keep them accessible to future generations. In some cases, heritage preservation celebrates historical events that support collective pride; in other cases, the work recognizes painful or uncomfortable moments.

You may add this minor to any major other history and provide yourself with the foundation to keep history alive and accessible. 



Through your coursework, you’ll develop an understanding of what makes heritage preservation unique within the field of public history and explore the variety of career paths available within the field.
As long as you major in any discipline other than History, you may complete a minor in Heritage Preservation. Get the full details in the Course Catalog, but here’s a preview.

  • Core courses
  • Public History courses
Core courses

Complete two (2) courses from the following:

  • HIST 241 - Public History: Scope and Methods, Credits: 3
  • HIST 255 - Introduction to Heritage Preservation, Credits: 3
  • HIST 256 - Introduction to Museums, Credits: 3
Public History courses

Complete two courses from the following:

  • ANTH 375 - Museum & Heritage Studies Credits: 3
  • HIST 323 - U.S. National Parks Credits: 3
  • HIST 345 - Archival Theory and Practice Credits: 3
  • HIST 376 - Oral History: Theory and Practice Credits: 3
  • HIST 491 - Colloquium in Public History Credits: 3
  • HIST 493 - Internship in History Credits: 1-9 - minimum three (3) credits

Minor Electives:
Additinally, you'll complete two courses in History, at least one of which is upper division.

What can you do with a minor in Heritage Preservation?

Heritage preservation work can take you to beautiful places, rich in history. You'll keep your curiosity alive while finding purpose in your work by bringing a shared heritage to the public.