Work-Life Wellness Committee Members

Membership of this committee strives for equal representation of faculty, classified staff and exempt staff. The committee thrives on interested personnel and can function optimally with up to 15 members. Faculty members of the Committee are recommended by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and appointed by the Provost. Staff members are appointed annually by their respective vice presidents.

  • Doug Ewing, Co-Chair (Recreational Services)
  • Melissa Stordeur, Co-chair (Teacher Education)
  • Katie Sparks (TRIO Student Success Center)
  •  Elizabeth Calagias (Leadership Center)
  • Katherine Jetter (Music)
  •  Larissa Lopez (Human Resources)
  • Amber Grenhart (Student Union Facilities Scheduling)
  • Kendra Gallegos Reichle (Student Wellness)
  • Barb Hembree (Health Center)
  • Joshua Coon (XC/Track)
  • Staci Ewing (Budget)
  • Erin Cummins-Roper (TRIO Upward Bound)