Join us for the 12 Days of Wellness

This holiday season, the Work Life Wellness Committee would like you to join in the Twelve Days of Wellness to celebrate your health and happiness.

December 2 - 13, 2019

The 12-day challenge is a reminder about healthy choices, self-care, and kindness to others during this potentially stressful time of year. All you have to do is complete one task for each of the 12 days and then email after the challenge is complete to confirm your successful completion. Please see form below. If you complete one task for each of the 12 days, you will win a Fort Lewis College beanie.

Twelve Days of Wellness 2019 Checklist

Wellness Challenge Participants

Congratulations to the following individuals who completed the 2019 - 12 Days of Wellness Challenge:

  • Amy Cao
  • Megan Wrona
  • Gretchen Gray
  • Kara Wauneka
  • Allison Riggs
  • Melissa Stordeur
  • Jillian Wenburg
  • Barbara Hembree
  • Mimi Fountain
  • Jessicalyn Lewis
  • Anne Jones
  • Maddie Bellew
  • Katherine Jetter
  • Autumn von Flotow
  • Betty Dorr
  • Kelly Polites
  • Marya Corrigan
  • Molly Wieser
  • Elvia German-Palacios
  • Isley Frazier
  • Mallory Carnuccio
  • Asunta Barone
  • Victoria Giannola