X Week, Fort Lewis CollegeChoose your own adventure during XWeek at FLC!

Do you like tacos and want to improve your Spanish? Are you intrigued by art, yoga, and mindfulness but don’t know where to start? Whether you’re wondering how to collect data while rappelling, connect culture to math, or install a water system in Nicaragua, XWeek is your chance to explore new classes with an emphasis on adventure. 


Space is LIMITED, so register for these one-credit classes on WebOpus as soon as you can.


Contact xweek@fortlewis.edu.

Current First Year Students
May 16-20

Your XWeek includes:

  • Access to 11 unique one-credit courses
  • Full coverage of all tuition, fees, course materials, lodging, meals, and activities – completely free!
  • Unforgettable connections with your peers and faculty
  • Designed especially for students with 30 credits or less

Your course selection:

  • Multicultural Mathematics
  • Stories in Global Health 
  • Mindfulness: How to Do Better at Everything
  • Horse Professors: Self discovery through horses
  • Environmental Placemaking and Storytelling
  • Cliff Ecology
  • A Naturalist's Guide to Field Journaling
  • Art Appreciation: ABQ
  • Tacos 101
  • Yoga, Trauma, and Healing
  • To Boldly Go: Critical Thinking through Star Trek

All Students
May 23-27

Your XWeek includes:

  • Access to 7 unique one-credit courses
  • Unforgettable connections with your peers and faculty
  • Available to any FLC student

Your course selection:

  • Sport Ecology: How Sport and Recreation Organizations Adapt to Changing Climate
  • Hispanic Cookng
  • The Spirit of Adventure 
  • Green Jobs: Environmental Career Exploration
  • Durango Landscapes
  • Little Library Book Exchange Boxes 

Let curiosity be your compass for this weeklong adventure in learning!