FLC Arboretum

Trees in urban spaces like our FLC campus provide much more than an attractive backdrop. Trees help regulate the climate, clean our air, control water runoff, and even contribute to our well-being. Our campus takes pride in our campus trees to contribute to a healthy and ecologically sustainable campus.

A Gambel Oak tree on campus tagged with information and a QR code.Spearheaded by a Sustainability Initiative Grant in 2021, Biology faculty include their students in a service-learning project to research and tag trees across the main academic and residential areas of campus. The tags include QR codes linking to their species profiles, shown below.

The initial products of this work, completed during the 2021-2022 school year, are included here, with the remaining campus trees to be completed over the next two years. Contact Dr. Aurea Cort├ęs-Palomec (cortespalomec_a@fortlewis.edu) or Dr. Ross McCauley (mccauley_r@fortlewis.edu) for more information.

Tree Campus

Since 2018, FLC has received recognition for our care of campus trees under the national Tree Campus Higher Education program of the Arbor Day Foundation. The FLC Campus Arboretum is an outgrowth of this commitment and seeks to expand the interaction of the campus community with trees.

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