Dr. Carolina Alonso

Dr. Carolina Alonso
Associate Professor of Borders & Languages
Affiliated Professor of Gender & Sexuality Studies

Areas of expertise

  • U.S. Latina/o Literature
  • Chicana/o Studies
  • Women's and Gender studies
  • Spanish for Second Language Learners 
  • Spanish for Heritage Speakers


  • Ph.D., in Spanish, with subspecialties in US Latino/a and Latin American Literature, Gender and Sexuality Studies, University of Houston, 2016
  • Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies, University of Houston, 2014
  • M.A., Spanish Latin American Literature, University of Texas-Pan American, 2009
  • B.A., Spanish, University of Texas-Pan American, 2007


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About Dr. Carolina Alonso

Dr. Carolina Alonso is an associate professor of Borders & Languages and Gender & Sexuality Studies at Fort Lewis College. Dr. Alonso's research interests include US Latina/o/e literature and culture, Latin American literature and culture, gender and sexuality studies, and queer theory. She is working on a book about women’s soccer in Mexico titled: "Juego peligroso: historias de feminismos y sororidad," to be published in 2024.

Selected Publications

Teaching Queer Chicana Writers through Historical Research, Online Blogs and Podcasts.

Options for Teaching Series: "Teaching the Narrative of Mexicana and Chicana Writers", edited by Elizabeth Martínez, The Modern Language Association of America, 2020. Honorable mention in the 2023 Teaching Literature Book Award.

“Teaching Gloria Anzaldúa: Decolonizing, Writing, and Healing in the Classroom.” Teaching Anzadúa Pedagogy and Practice for Our Classrooms and Communities, edited by Norma Cantú, Candace de Leon- Zepeda, and Margaret Cantú Sánchez, Candace de Leon-Zepeda, The University of Arizona Press, 2020.

“The Coming of Age of Experience in Chicanx Queer Novels.” Nerds, Goths, Geeks, and Freaks: Outsiders in Chican@/Latin@ Young Adult Fiction, edited by Trevor Boffone and Cristina Herrera, University Press of Mississippi, 2020. Winner of the Children’s Literature Association’s 2022 Edited Book Award

"Abriendo caminos con las huellas del pasado: El Proyecto de Recuperación de la Herencia Literaria Hispana de los Estados Unidos." Plaza: Dialogues in Language and Literature [Online], 2.2 (2012): 105-112. 
To read more about Dr. Alonso's research, conference presentations, pedagogy, editorial, translation experience, and service and activism, visit her website.

In the news

Five faculty members traveled to Tijuana, Mexico, to experience firsthand what life is like among the "migrant caravan" seeking refuge in the United States, a trip that affected them all professionally and personally. [3/20/19]