Sociology & Human Services Degree

Empathy + critical thinking = hope

Multicolored handprint against a white background representing our sociology major

Do you know how you can serve your community and make the world a better place? A degree in Sociology & Human Services is a great place to start!

Led by a dynamic faculty, FLC’s Sociology Department blends experiential learning with writing and theory courses to develop the skills you need to work for the welfare of others.

Ellis McNichol, Sociology

The importance of storytelling in creating and preserving human culture.


Keri Brandt-Off, Professor of Sociology on our Sociology major

"FLC’s Sociology major provides real-world skills that help students make sense of the complex relationship between personal and social life, grounding their education in action."

The Block Internship Program

The most influential experience of your academic career

The block internship program integrates 15 credits of academic sociology with a community placement in a Four Corners region human service agency or grassroots organization. 

Students are placed according to their interests in organizations with missions that address social or environmental problems. You’ll work closely with an assigned faculty mentor.

The Sociology department has long-term partnerships with roughly 75 organizations that regularly serve as placement sites.

Woman in the social work field working with a father and daughter--the kind of work our alumni do with a Human Services major

What can you do with a Sociology & Human Services degree?

With guidance and mentorship from passionate and dedicated faculty, immersive experiential opportunities, and small classes, you'll graduate ready to work or prepared for an advanced degree.