Welcome to Sociology & Human Services

Our Sociology & Human Services department offers courses that examine the complexities of our contemporary multicultural society and the social justice issues we collectively face. The department offers three programs with majors and minors:

  • Sociology & Human Services
  • Criminology & Justice Studies
  • Borders & Languages

Sociology collaborates with the Environment & Sustainability Department to deliver our Regenerative Food Systems Certificate program. Sociology also collaborates with Psychology and Health Sciences to offer our Gerontology Certificate.

Sociology & Human Services

Sociology & Human Services coursework will teach you the relationships between social structure, ecology, and the individual. You’ll explore how historical processes shape modern life and how society’s values and beliefs influence people's identities. Read more about Sociology & Human Services.

Criminology & Justice Studies

By choosing Criminology & Justice Studies as a major, you’ll discover how our society manages harm and healing. You’ll learn about the laws that establish what is legal and illegal and about the social factors associated with criminal incidence rates. You’ll explore psychology and forensics and alternative systems of restorative justice. Read more about Criminology & Justice Studies.

Borders & Languages

Through coursework in Borders and Languages, you will achieve proficiency in another language and understand how borders influence politics, society, culture, and ecology. You will learn about the specific issues related to the immigrant experience in the United States and the linguistic tools to negotiate these problems. Read more about Borders & Languages.