Carve your career in ski area management

Skier at Purgatory Ski Resort, Ski Resort Operations CertificateDistinguish yourself as a leader in ski area management with this online certificate. You'll take a tailored package of courses that focus on the unique needs of business management at any of the 450 ski resorts nationwide. You'll cover topics such as accommodations and food and beverage, as well as mountain ski area management, safety, and seasonal employment. Best of all, you can complete your internship during any season at any ski resort in the world.

This certificate program is open to currently enrolled FLC students and non-degree-seeking students alike.

How it works

  • Three online courses and one internship
  • Complete the certificate in 2-4 semesters
  • Start in Fall or Spring semesters
  • Open to anyone interested in ski area management, no course prerequisites
  • Full-time students pursuing a bachelor's degree may add the certificate at no extra cost

Apply now

If you are not currently enrolled at FLC

You will be asked to submit supporting documents when you apply for the Ski Resort Operations Certificate.

  • If you have earned no college credits, you'll need your high school transcript and test scores when you apply.
  • If you have earned fewer than 24 college credits, you'll need your high school transcript, test scores, and official transcripts from all colleges attended.
  • If you have earned 24 or more college credits, you'll need official transcripts from all colleges attended.
  • If you have earned a bachelor's degree, you'll need official transcripts indicating the degree you earned from all colleges attended.

*Please note: seeking the Ski Resort Operations Certificate alone will not qualify you for any state or federal financial aid.

Apply to FLC

If you are currently enrolled at FLC

If you are currently enrolled in a credentialed program at FLC (e.g. BA) and wish to add this certificate, you'll declare the certificate at the Registrar's Office or using our online Change or Declaration Form.

  • Introduction to Resort Management
  • Ski Resort Operations
  • Ski Resort Management
  • Ski Resort Internship
Introduction to Resort Management

BA 131 - Introduction to Resort Management

An introductory course covering the scope, organization, and environment of resort operations. The course focuses on an analysis of the physical, financial and human variables involved in the operation of a destination resort.

Ski Resort Operations

BA 335 - Ski Resort Operations

Ski Resort Operations covers the on-mountain operations of a ski resort. This course will focus on the various departments and how each contributes to the ski area experience as a whole. These include ski school, rental and retail operations, food service, lodging and guest services. Topics include service quality, productivity, forecasting, inventory and supply chain management, and regulation compliance challenges that influence the performance of ski resorts.

Ski Resort Management

BA 336 - Ski Resort Management

Ski Resort Management covers the management or activities that drive the mission of a ski resort. Topics include leadership, communication, culture, teams, decision-making, motivation, sustainability, strategic planning, and branding in the context of ski area management. This course will focus on the management concepts and challenges that affect ski area management in various departments including marketing, reservations, finance and human resources.

Ski Resort Internship

BA 447 - Ski Resort Internship

The Ski Resort Internship is a required course of the Ski Resort Management Certificate program that seeks to offer students a meaningful learning experience that extends beyond the classroom setting.  An internship offers complimentary experiential learning to the student that is congruent with classroom-based learning. This course is intended to offer a practical out-of-the-classroom learning opportunity at a ski resort.

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