Majors & minors


Where the rubber meets the road. For any business, growth and success depends on healthy financial management. Accounting is the backbone. As taxpaying individuals, too, we rely on accountants to understanding convoluted tax forms.


Business Administration

Gain an overview of all aspects of running and managing businesses, from planning, through personnel, to marketing and more. This is an education that serves you anywhere.


Computer Information Systems

Businesses rely on information architecture to function in this digital age. Where computer engineering, software design, and business planning intersect, prepare to be essential to your company.



More a social science than other business degrees, you’ll take a macro-level look at how individuals, businesses, communities, and nations function. Economics provides a great foundation for future work in law, finance, or politics, among other fields.


Entrepreneurship & Small Business

Middle management isn’t your vision. You’re the boss. You have an adventurous streak. There are problems to be solved. And money to be made along the way. Learn from pioneers in industry, and hit the road with a leg up.



A blend of psychology, economics, and communications, you’ll engage both your analytical and your creative sides as you learn to plan, articulate, and deliver a needed product to your audience.



Digital Marketing

Open to full-time students and community members seeking to add value to their résumé or their business, you’ll learn the complexities of marketing in the digital age, and earn industry certifications from key players like Google and Hubspot.


Ski Resort Operations

Learn the nuances of this industry in this online certificate program, and carve out your niche at any of the 450 ski resorts nationwide. You’ll tackle hospitality as well as risk management, and take an internship on the slopes.