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Engage your creative and analytical brain to connect people with...anything

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These days, people’s attention spans last around nine seconds, which is less than that of a goldfish. At FLC, Marketing majors build the skills needed to communicate powerful and relevant information within this demanding timeframe. Part psychology, part economics, part communications, part art, and part science, a degree in Marketing is applicable almost anywhere.


Tomasz Miaskiewicz, Assistant Professor of Marketing in reference to our Marketing degree program

"The Marketing program at FLC has evolved to better prepare students for the jobs of the present and the future, with classes like Integrated Marketing Communications, Social Media Marketing, and Advanced Digital Marketing."

Digital marketing

Certificate program

In today’s world of Big Data, we can get to know an audience with nearly surgical precision, segment a large audience into specific groups, tailor messages to each of those groups, and then analyze the success of our campaigns. Our focus on digital marketing makes it unique among Marketing programs in Colorado, and positions you to enter the workforce at the leading edge of the field.


The road ahead

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Engage both your creative and your analytical brain. Part psychology, part economics, part communications—part art and part science, a degree in marketing is applicable almost anywhere.

Imagine yourself as a:

  • Marketing manager
  • Marketing research analyst
  • Brand manager
  • Sales representative
  • Product manager
  • Social media manager
  • Digital marketing analyst