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Empower businesses to grow better with relevant inbound marketing strategies. Marketing success depends on creating meaningful, valuable connections between business and consumer.

Apply theory and skills to SEO optimization, online advertising, and web analytics for real-world experiences. You also create compelling content that sparks attention, provides solutions, and retains customers beyond the bottom line.

Get your Foundations in Digital Marketing Certificate at FLC.

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"As a student pursuing the Digital Marketing Certificate, I couldn’t ask for a more hands-on class structure. Having the ability to learn about topics you use every day goes beyond theory into the real world."

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If you are not currently enrolled at FLC

Submit supporting documents when you apply:

  • If you have earned no college credits, you’ll need your high school transcript and test scores when you apply.
  • If you have earned fewer than 24 college credits, you’ll need your high school transcript, test scores, and official transcripts from all colleges attended.
  • If you have earned 24 or more college credits, you’ll need official transcripts from all colleges attended.
  • If you have earned a bachelor’s degree, you’ll need official transcripts indicating the degree you earned from all colleges attended.

*Please note: seeking the Digital Marketing Certificate alone will not qualify you for any state or federal financial aid.

If you are currently enrolled at FLC

Declare the certificate at the Registrar’s Office or use our online Change or Declaration Form.

How it works
  • Complete the certificate in as little as 2 academic semesters (approximately 8 months)
  • No course prerequisites (class standing of Junior or Senior for students also seeking a BA)
  • Class sizes approximately 25-30 students
  • Applied/experiential learning
  • Full-time students pursuing a bachelor's degree may add the certificate at no extra cost

Required courses

Three required courses lay a comprehensive foundation.

MK 381 Introduction to Digital Marketing

This course introduces the fundamentals of the inbound marketing methodology as well as key tactics: using Google Analytics to understand how customers use your website, utilizing search engine optimization to increase visibility on search engines, social media marketing for your business, and online advertising.

MK 380 Social Media Marketing

Learn the role of social media and email marketing in influencing consumer behavior and best practices for building brand engagement. You’ll learn to design effective strategies and how to leverage video to create compelling content. You’ll apply the knowledge you gain in assessments of small and large business campaigns, and assist those businesses in creating successful strategies.

MK 450 Advanced Digital Marketing

Building on the introductory course, you’ll dive further into SEO to yield powerful rankings in searches, while also learning more about search advertising and conversion optimization. Additionally, you will learn best practices in nurturing leads and how to use content marketing as part of your overall digital marketing strategy.


Build on that foundation with one of the following electives to steer your education toward the creative, technical, or analytical side.

ART 210 Digital Media

It's not difficult to imagine why we need to know how to communicate our ideas visually. From presentations and documents to social media and the web, we live in a visual world where organizations are competing for our attention in a dense visual space. In this course, you'll learn the tools, processes and methods that professional communication designers use to shape the visual face of an organization in an interdisciplinary, project-based environment.

ART 380 Interactive Design

Great design begs for great distribution. Increasingly, this is the interactive world of the web. You’ll learn the strategy, architecture, and development contexts that go into user interface design, and how to develop a website using HTML and CSS. This course covers information organization, visual design, usability, content management systems, and accessibility issues.   

MK 486 Marketing Research & Analytics

Beyond gaining an understanding of the marketing research process and related best practices, you will learn how to use A/B testing to accurately and effectively inform successful marketing campaigns and advertising messages. Additionally, you’ll learn advanced Google Analytics features including data collection and reporting, complex analyses, targeted goals and campaign tracking.

Industry certifications

As part of the coursework to earn your certificate, you will also earn credentials in industry certification programs. Currently, these include the following, which may not always be available:

  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Hubspot certificates (e.g., Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing)

Colorado resident

Includes $3,528 (tuition) + $726 (fees)
*No additional cost for students seeking a BA.


Includes $8,856 (tuition) + $726 (fees)
*No additional cost for students seeking a BA.

Native American Tuition Waiver

The Native American Tuition Waiver can be applied to the Digital Marketing Certificate's tuition costs.

Be sure to check out Tuition & Aid for more information and updated pricing details.

What can you do with a Digital Marketing certificate?

Whether you're earning your certificate to advance your existing career, or enhance the degree you're working toward, the Digital Marketing Certificate sets you up to bring current information and relevant skills to the workplace.