John F. Reed Honors Program

The John F. Reed Honors Program

The John F. Reed Honors Program strives to be the most caring, rigorous honors program for high-ability, high-achieving students at a public liberal arts college in the western United States.

honor student with President Thomas
Katie Ratko (Dec. 2015) with President Dene Thomas


Honors students at President Dene Thomas' home
Honors Students at Home of President Dene Thomas 


honors induction ceremony
Holiday Induction Ceremony


Becoming an Honors Scholar is about joining a transformative community of curious-minded seekers, persons looking for answers to our planet's most pressing problems—and having fun along the way.

Becoming an Honors Scholar is not about accruing additional credits, jumping through awkward hoops, and writing longer and longer—and more and more—academic papers on topics you care little about.

Becoming an Honors Scholar means joining the program early in your college career, participating through the whole of your college years, and staying engaged with your cohort of friends and colleagues for the rest of your life.

Becoming an Honors Scholar is not easy. Honors Scholars are not merely parrots-in-training. Rather, to become an Honors Scholar you must dream, write, think, and play your way into a new way of doing college.

To arrange an appointment, please email Dr. William Lee Mangrum, Coordinator of the John F. Reed Honors Program.

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