How to join the FLC men’s lacrosse team

As a FLC lacrosse team member, you can expect…

  • 2 month fall season and 3 month spring season
  • 10-14 regular season games in the spring plus opportunities to compete for conference and national titles
  • Competitive and fun practices and training sessions with teammates
  • Travelling the country, with trips to Denver, Los Angeles, and Phoenix among other destinations  
  • Practice 2-3 days a week plus time lifting with the team twice a week, for a general time commitment of 6-10 hours a week
  • Team gear and apparel
  • Opportunity to have fun representing FLC in intercollegiate competition


  • Once in a lifetime opportunity to play college sports and travel the country competing against other colleges
  • Player dues cover your helmet, gloves, practice and game apparel, travel costs, team meals, and opens you to discounts on lacrosse gear through our sponsors
  • Be a member of a team, make friends and connections that last a lifetime
  • Professional coaching
  • We now offer dues scholarships based on merit and need, more info provided to team members


  • Must be a full-time FLC student and maintain at least a 2.0 GPA
  • Must register for the team, pass a sports physical, and sign a player code of conduct
  • Must pay annual dues ($1300), which can be reduced or cancelled based on individual fundraising efforts


Tom Mudrak, Head Coach

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