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Keep calm and transition on
Your academic advisor will be helping you transition to the new curriculum and policies coming in Fall 2016. When it's time for your appointment, you will receive an email in your Fort Lewis account. Please be on the lookout!
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Registrar's Office

The top priority of the Registrar's (Records) Office is to provide excellent service to the students and faculty of Fort Lewis College.

We offer assistance with interpretation of catalog guidelines and adherence to degree program requirements and compliance with college procedures, policies and deadlines.

Our office also provides students, faculty and staff access to information and services such as transcripts, enrollment verifications, registration, curriculum, degree audits, census reports, and commencement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I send my official transcripts to be evaluated?

Official transcripts can be mailed to:
Office of Admission
Fort Lewis College
1000 Rim Drive
Durango, CO 81301

Electronic official transcripts can be emailed to:

Spring and Summer 2017 Advising & Registration

This contains important information about your advising and registration for the Spring and Summer 2017 semesters.

  • Continuing students are expected to register between October 24, 2016-November 4, 2016 via WebOPUS.
  • For the best choice of classes, be ready to register on your assigned day in that two-week period (see schedule).
  • To register, you must have been cleared to register and have cleared all holds.
  • Your primary advisor (either a faculty advisor or Professional Academic Advisor & Student Success Coach) will assist you in course selection and clear you to register. Students registering on October 24 -- make sure your primary advisors know you need to be ready to go by October 21.
  • Students registering for both Spring and Summer should register for Spring first and then Summer.

When do I register?
Unless you have been individually contacted about permission to register at a different time, see the registration schedule at the end of this email.

How do I get advised?
Advisors are available to guide you in course selection.

  • Advisors have different processes and timetables!   Some do email advising – some do groups – some meet individually with students on a specific day – some meet students based on a sign-up sheet – some review students’ schedule after they’ve registered to check for any errors.
  • Look for postings in your department’s hallway, on your advisor’s door, or, if you are still not sure, email your advisor about how you will get advised.

Who is my primary advisor?
Follow these instructions to find your advisor’s name, office, email, and phone number. Your primary advisor will be a faculty member or a Professional Academic Advisor & Student Success Coach:

  1. Login to WebOPUS
  2. Select “Student Services”
  3. Select “Student Records”
  4. Select “Advising Information”
  5. Submit Spring 2017 as the term

How do I get cleared to register?
It is your advisor’s responsibility to clear you to register before your assigned registration date by checking your registration box on WebOPUS.

What classes are being offered?
The Spring and Summer schedules are now available on WebOPUS.

Prepare to be advised!

  • Print a copy of your unofficial transcript from WebOPUS.
  • Review your grades this semester – check your courses in Canvas if you are being advised prior to midterm grades being posted on WebOPUS.
  • Analyze your completed courses with respect to your Liberal Arts Core and Major requirements by running a degree audit. To create your audit:
    1. Login to WebOPUS
    2. Select “Student Services”
    3. Select “Student Records”
    4. Select “Degree Audit”

Caution: The Registrar’s Office is still encoding the blanket exceptions specified in the Curriculum and Transition Guide. If you are on a catalog prior to 2016, u.achieve and WebCAPP should only be trusted for the following degree requirements:

  • Total credits earned and in progress
  • Credits for residency earned and in progress
  • Upper-division credits earned and in progress
  • Liberal Arts Core courses completed and needed
  • If you are a senior who is planning on graduating and need an official ruling from the Registrar or a curriculum completion issue, please email  Registrar’s Office staff will respond within 24 hours.

Prepare to register!

  • Know your network username and password.
  • Clear all of your registration holds!
  • Register for alternative courses if your first choice is full and/or join the **waitlist** for your first choices.

Remember -- Students must register themselves within 36 hours when they are notified via their Fort Lewis College email account that they may enroll. The time allowed is reduced to 24 hours during the first week of classes.

Important Dates


► Friday, October 21 

    Last day to withdraw from
    an individual course

► Monday, October 24 -
    Friday, November 4 

    Spring and Summer semesters
    advising and registration
    begins (for currently
    registered students)

Saturday, December 17