President Dene Thomas issued the following charge to the Old Fort Steering Committee in October, 2012:

Refine the priorities that were begun last year for the types of uses and activities that can take place on the Old Fort property and continue to develop processes to announce, accept, review, and approve applications for academic uses and community activities that comply with the established priorities.

  • Applications must indicate how any financial responsibilities will be assumed and/or fees will be charged.
  • The Steering Committee has the authority to require that the applicant post a bond prior to recommending approval of an activity.

Continue to develop policies and procedures for monitoring the start-up, regular operations, and shut-down of activities on the property, including seasonal activities that are currently operating on the property.

Provide minutes of the meetings to the president, vice president for finance, and dean of Natural and Behavioral Sciences. 

2012-13 Committee Members

  • Old Fort Coordinator/Chair:  Beth LaShell
  • Faculty Representative:  Dr. Cynthia Dott, Biology
  • Student Representative (appointed by ASFLC): Tina Zuniga/Lewis Wittry
  • Staff Representatives:  Roy Horvath and Richard Miller
  • State Land Board Representative:  Tobin Follenweider
  • Community Representative:  Kalen Elliott
  • FLC Foundation Representative:  Barbara Harris