Mightier than the sword

Learn how to frame public dialogue and tell the stories of our times

Video camera against a white background

From print journalism to social media channels, the narrative of history is shaped by voices like yours. At FLC, you’ll develop literacy in media as a critical consumer of and qualified contributor to these stories. Explore behind-the-scenes legal and ethical issues, media theory, and technical aspects of one of the world’s most important industries.


Lainey Severson, Communications, '16

"With FLC, you are in the community creating a real portfolio. Those real-world experiences allowed me to explore all communications areas and have helped me stand out in the job market."

Do journalism now

You have community radio with KDUR as well as print and online journalism through the Indy and Indy Online at your fingertips. As a JMMS major, you’ll earn academic credit when you enroll in your practicum with one of these media channels.

Community radio

Share your favorite jams and explore new music. Interview prominent and innovative people from our community. Discuss the important issues of our time and place for community members to listen to on their morning commute, while they're cooking dinner, or anywhere they can pick up the signal. From Orson Welles' War of the Worlds, to Brené Brown's podcast, audio broadcast is a mainstay of American life.

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The written word

Even as written journalism moves online, it lives on. From long form to headlines and printed, glossy pages to phone-scrolling, we get our news in the written word. The Independent (aka, The Indy) is our student-run news organization where you get to seek out the story, do the interviews, dig up the data, find the photos, and publish your piece.

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The road ahead

DJ and guest in the KDUR studio broadcasting

Learning the skills to critically interpret media and information, as well as gaining the practical experience to create media sets you up to succeed in a number of paths.

Imagine yourself as a:

  • News anchor
  • Sports reporter
  • Print journalist
  • Television producer (digital video)
  • Radio producer
  • Tv + radio station manager
  • Director