Studying Health Sciences

Studying health sciences at Fort Lewis College, you’ll look at the health issues we face as individuals and as a society. Exercise science professionals improve the health of individuals through physical activity and health promotion, and public health professionals promote and protect the health of populations where people live, learn, work and play. Our students choose from several majors in the field of exercise science or a major in public health, depending on where their curiosity leads them, as well as several options for minors, too.

Exercise Science

The Exercise Science program at Fort Lewis College hones professional skills and scientific knowledge through meaningful research, engaging classroom discussions, and practical real-world experiences that prepare students to launch their career or continue onto graduate school.

Our students begin their clinical studies earlier than at other schools, using professional equipment in our Health & Human Performance Laboratory. We also offer opportunities for teaching in area public schools, working as personal trainers in the Student Life Center, and developing exercise programs for real-world clients.

Within the exercise science track, you may choose from majors in:

Careers in exercise science

Testing human running on a treadmill in the Health Sciences Department

Graduate studies

  • Physical Therapy
  • Athletic Training
  • Exercise Physiology and other programs


  • Wellness Program Leader
  • Corporate Health Promotion
  • Sport administration
  • Health Coach
  • Coaching
  • Personal Training
  • Exercise Therapy for Cardiac Rehabilitation and Diabetes Education

Public Health

Public Health majors promote healthy communities. You’ll study how choice, genetics, and the environment impact the health of real families and individuals. You will blend skills from medicine, biology, communications, and other fields. You’ll evaluate genuine ethical concerns. And by graduation, you can get straight to work on the health of your own community. Read more about studying public health.

Careers in public health

Health Sciences professionals use laboratory science to support human health

Graduate studies

  • Community health
  • Epidemiology
  • Environmental health and other programs


  • Nurse educator
  • Academic policy advisor
  • Vaccine researcher
  • Global infectious disease analyst
  • Public health physician
  • Environmental health technician