Moves for life

Explore how the human body works

A piece of biometric testing equipment against a white background to represent our Exercise Physiology major

From rehabilitation to podium finishes, and all the active pursuits between, athletes of any ability learn how to move their bodies in the healthiest ways possible thanks to the study of exercise physiology. At FLC, you’ll enjoy access to internships, the on-campus Health & Human Performance Lab, and opportunities to conduct original research with professional and everyday athletes.


Emily Zimmerer, Exercise Physiology major, ’21

"With FLC’s Exercise Physiology program, we get to be our own test subjects for labs, learning how exercise and diet affect our own bodies, which makes learning more interesting and meaningful."

Get your metrics on

Health & Human Performance Lab

Gain firsthand experience working with real clients to evaluate body metrics in the context of their personal health, fitness and performance goals. Put your passion for understanding the human body, healthy living, athleticism, and human performance to service in the community as a student.


The road ahead

Exercise Physiology major standing at a treadmill with a professor standing nearby to take biometric measurements

Many exercise physiology students move onto graduate studies before entering careers in physical or occupational therapy, medicine and nursing, chiropractic, or dentistry, among other fields.

Imagine yourself as a:

  • Athletic trainer
  • Physical therapist
  • Physician assistant
  • Recreational therapist
  • Cardiac rehabilitator
  • Diabetes educator
  • Strength & conditioning coach