Requirements for Internship in Sport Administration

ES 455 – Internship in Sport Administration (Senior Year – capstone)


  1. Acceptance into the Sport Administration program
  2. Senior standing
  3. Major GPA of at least 2.50
  4. Successful completion of ES 339 - Practicum in Sport Administration
  5. Completion of all major course work
  6. Establish an internship file with the Sport Administration Advisor
    1. Internship application form
    2. Transcripts
    3. 2 letters of recommendation
    4. Updated CV or resume

Students are encouraged to plan ahead so that they are able to secure an internship experience that will best fit their career objectives as well as their projected timeline for graduation. The Health & Human Performance department encourages students to seek out, propose and initiate suitable work experiences for their internship experience.

The student should establish an internship file with the Sport Admin Advisor two to six months in advance of the anticipated internship start date. Typically, internships coincide with the beginning and ending of a regular term, and summer internships usually begin in May or by the middle of June.

The student must meet with the Internship professor prior to pre-registration to gain preliminary approval for the proposed internship experience.

Upon enrollment in ES 455, the student will have access to all necessary course materials on Moodle.

The Exercise Science Sport Administration Internship is a directed experience working in a sport-related organization performing professional duties and responsibilities. Internships can range between 8-12 credit hours totaling between 400-600 clock hours of work.

When the Internship File has been complete:, the student with be notified and allowed to enroll in ES 455. At this point, the Internship professor will make the final approval of the proposed Internship experience and will assist the student in finalizing the required paperwork prior to any participation with the host site.