You are what you eat

Study the recipe behind human health and development

A clump of blueberries against a white background

From addressing chronic health issues to achieving optimal athletic performance, our Nutrition major or minor provides you with the knowledge you need to make positive life changes. Offering in-class cooking experiences and access to Durango’s hyper-local food hub, FLC’s Nutrition program provides just the right spice you need to tackle any profession in this thriving industry.

Major or minor in Nutrition

For some, Nutrition is the main dish, but if your focus lies elsewhere, a Nutrition minor pairs well with many other majors, both in and outside of our Health & Human Performance department.


Make it YOUR program


When you major in Nutrition, you’ll graduate with both professional and research experience. You’ll work with our Career Services department and community organizations to line up an internship where you’ll be able to apply your education where it aligns with your interests and career path. This could be in sports medicine, a restaurant, community education or assistance, or some other field.

Original research

Additionally, you’ll gain valuable experience engaged in your own original research as part of your senior seminar project. And you’ll share your findings with fellow FLC students, as a poster or live presentation, during our Undergraduate Research Symposium.


The coursework in this concentration focuses on human movement, offering you the foundation to apply nutrition to a career in the health and fitness industry. 

Public Health

Line up your coursework to focus on nutrition from a population perspective. If you see a future creating or running programs that focus on community or population health, this is your path.

Business & marketing

Start with your knowledge of nutrition, toss with business administration and management coursework, and then season to taste with marketing. Voila! You're on the path to a business providing healthy, delicious meals.

Maggie Shields, Assistant Professor of Health & Human Performance

"FLC’s Health & Human Performance department takes pride in its interdisciplinary and experiential perspectives. In Nutrition, we are excited to open discussions around food science, culture, lifecycle, and the food industry."

What can you do with a Nutrition degree?

As diet-related health concerns continue to mount, and more and more people become aware of their own nutritional health, you'll find increased opportunities to help people eat in ways that support them.