Practicum in Sport Administration

Requirements for ES 339:

  1. Acceptance into the Sport Administration program.
  2. Junior standing – 60 completed credits.
  3. Instructor permission.
  4. Enrollment in ES 339: Practicum in Sport Administration
    • Students are required to complete 50 clock hours for 1 credit hour

The student must meet with the Practicum professor prior to pre-registration to gain preliminary approval for the proposed practicum experience. The student must also submit a completed Practicum Agreement Form signed by the proposed supervisor prior to registering for the course.

Upon enrollment in ES 339, the student will have access to all necessary course materials on Moodle.

The purpose of this experience is to provide qualified Exercise Science majors within the Sport Administration Option an opportunity for professional training and experience that is not obtainable in a classroom situation. Duties and responsibilities of the student practicum experience will be directed and supervised by a professional member of the cooperating agency.

The practicum experience is available to agencies that are willing to provide suitable, on-site work experience for the student.

The Health & Human Performance department encourages students to seek out, propose and initiate suitable work experiences for their practicum experience. In addition, proposals and inquiries from agencies interested in having our students participate in their organizations are welcome. The Health & Human Performance department may have a list of local and regional organizations with whom students have done practicum experience in the past, but seeking out the organization is considered part of the practicum experience, and is encouraged.