Program admission requirements and Application

You must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program prior to enrolling in 400 level education courses.

Program requirements

  • Minimum 2.75 cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Minimum B- grade in ED 222 Education: Global Perspectives*
  • Minimum B- grade ED 341 Foundations of Teaching and ED 342 Foundations of Teaching School Based Experiences*
  • Minimum C grade in a college level composition course (typically Comp 150 or 250)
  • Minimum C grade in a college level mathematics course (typically MATH 105 or 110)

*Early Childhood Education and Music Education K-12 students are not required to take ED 222 Education: Global Perspectives, ED 341 Foundations of Teaching, or ED 342 Foundations of Teaching School Based Experiences. Early Childhood Education students apply to Teacher Education after completing the Early Childhood block of courses (ED 203, ED 204, ED 220, and ED 253). Music Education K-12 students should apply to Teacher Education before needing to take any 400-level courses.

Teacher Education Program Application

Click here to Apply to the Teacher Education Program.

PERC petitioning for admission to Teacher Education 

If you have not met all of the criteria, you will be prompted to petition the Professional Education Review Committee (PERC) for admission. You should explain your reasons for not meeting the criteria and how you plan to remediate the specific deficiencies.

PERC petition procedure

  • Download PERC Petition Form.
  • Collect and complete all documents.
  • Assemble into one packet.
  • Deliver the complete packet to the Administrative Assistant located in EBH 249.
  • Submissions that are delivered before the 10th of each month will be reviewed before the end of that month.

PERC petition deadlines

Petitions are due on the 10th of the following months:

  • Fall Term - September through November
  • Spring Term - January through April

Petitions are not accepted during the final weeks of the Fall and spring terms, or during the summer.