Working with minors

We require fingerprinting and background checks as you will be working in schools, in direct contact with minors. Background checks are standard in such settings in an attempt to ensure appropriate fit. 

To complete a background check

  1. Download the student fingerprinting document and review instructions
  2. Submit your fingerprints to the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) and create a Student Teacher/Field Experience account with CDE through which the background check will be processed for field placement.
  3. Check with the Teacher Education Administrative Assistant in EBH 249

Cost & locations

There are two locations in Durango for fingerprinting:

  • $52 at IdentoGO (Southwest Care Center for Independence, 3473 Main Ave. #23)
  • $49.50 American Bioidentity (Durango Rec Center, 2700 Main Ave.)

If it is a hardship to pay this, contact:

William A. Camp
Coordinator of Field Experiences
Education & Business Hall, RM 242

This is a safety issue that we take very seriously. If you have been or are charged with a misdemeanor or felony, you must immediately cease going to any field placement, and contact the Teacher Education Department as soon as possible, within seven days after being charged.

Courses requiring background checks

You are required to submit background checks prior to beginning the courses below. If you have not passed your background checks by the end of the second week of the semester, you will be dropped from the course:

  • ED 342 – Foundations of Teaching SBFE
  • ED 328 – Children’s Literature Lab
  • MU 314 – Methods & Principles of Teaching Vocal Music
  • MU 315 – Methods & Principles of Teaching Instrumental Music
  • MU 316 – Music in the Elementary School
  • Any other 400 level education course