To qualify for a teaching license, the Colorado Department of Education requires you to have at least 800 hours of school-based field experience. For Early Childhood, Elementary, and K-12 and Secondary licensure candidates, this experience is spread between course levels, culminating in 600 hours spent during the Student Teaching term.

In some circumstances, K-12 and Secondary majors may arrange to split their Student Teaching into two semesters: one in elementary schools, and one in secondary or grades 7-12. However, all teaching licensure will progress through the following levels.

300 level education courses

These provide a deep understanding of teaching methods and discipline-specific subject areas as related to the Colorado Academic Standards [link]. The courses below each offer 30 hours of field experience with mentor teachers in local schools:

  • ED 341 Foundations of Teaching and
  • ED 342 Foundations of Teaching School Based Experiences and
  • ED 327 Children’s Literature and
  • ED 327 Children’s Literature Lab
  • Music Education students will take 300 Level courses in their major that include school-based experiences.

400 level education courses:

These offer hands-on practice in the required planning, teaching, and assessment of lessons in schools under the direction of highly qualified classroom teachers. Instructors and the Field Experience Coordinator will help arrange these school based field experiences for you.

Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education students follow a three term Immersion Program that combines teaching methodology courses with practical application in school based field experiences.

Secondary and K-12 Teaching Licensure 400 level education courses require 30 hours of observation and practice teaching in each of these required courses:

  • ED 417 Literacy and Numeracy Integration
  • ED 444 Secondary Teaching Methods
  • ED 447 Instructional Equality
  • ED 465 Managing Diverse Classrooms I
  • ED 475 Managing Diverse Classrooms II

Got questions? If so, contact:

William A. Camp
Field Experiences Coordinator
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