The Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee consists of several faculty (mostly from the natural sciences) who regularly work with and advise students seeking careers in health-related professions.

Services Provided

The committee members will provide the following services if requested by a student:

  • Pre-health professions advising. Faculty are available to help students plan their academic schedules to meet pre-requisite and other requirements for health-related professional schools.
  • Help with placing students in internships, preceptorships, and "shadowing" experiences with local medical professionals. Members are willing to provide, with the help of the local medical community, opportunities for student interactions on a part-time basis during the school year. Students interested in these types of experiences should see a committee member well in advance to make these types of arrangements.
  • Help with and review of application materials, including personal statements. With sufficient lead-time, committee members will advise students on application materials of all types. They will review and help edit personal statements, and provide guidance throughout the application process.
  • Provide "mock interviews". Committee members will provide interested students with a mock interview. These interviews generally provide practice for students who have been invited to interview with professional schools. The committee will provide feedback on what the student is doing well, and what he/she may need to work on. The interview must be scheduled through the pre-health advisory committee chairperson, with two weeks advance notice.

Receive notices of upcoming health-related advising sessions and events by Emailing Shere Byrd

Committee Members

Name Department Office Email Phone
Dr. Shere Byrd Biology Berndt Hall
Rm 2451 970-247-7667
Dr. Marnie Clay Nutrition EBH
Rm 155 970-247-6602
Dr. Steve Fenster Biology Berndt Hall
Rm 461 970-247-7327
Dr. Cathy Hartney Biology Berndt Hall
Rm 2435 970-247-7373
Dr. Jeff McFarlane Chemistry Chem Hall
Rm 246 970-247-7467
Dr. Kenny Miller
Committee Chair
Chemistry Chemistry Hall
Rm 144 970-247-7623
Dr. Aimee Morris Chemistry Chemistry Hall
Rm 146 970-247-7635