Welcome to Pre-Health

Fort Lewis College has a wide variety of courses that fulfill the pre-requisite coursework requirements for training programs in many different health professions including medicine, physician assistant, veterinary medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and physical therapy.  The college can work with each student to customize their education to meet criteria for admission to a number of different professional schools.  We also have a faculty Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee which is available to provide a number of services to students.

Our Admissions Record

Medicine (M.D. and D.O.): Our acceptance rate into M.D. programs for the past 5 years of students both graduating with a degree from Fort Lewis and completing pre-requisite coursework is 34.1% (15/44) which is above the national average of about 30%.  Fort Lewis graduates are currently attending various medical schools including the University of Colorado and the University of New Mexico (M.D.), and Rocky Vista University (D.O.)

Physician Assistant: We have a few students each year apply and many are successful in being accepted into schools such as Yale, University of North Texas, University of St. Francis, and Mercy College

Veterinary Medicine: We usually have 1-3 students apply in a given year and have an excellent rate of acceptance into Colorado State University of about 50% in the past 5 years

Nursing: Many of our graduates have been accepted into accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs including Regis University in Denver

Naturopathic Medicine: A recent Fort Lewis graduate was accepted into Bastyr University in Seattle

Dentistry: A recent Fort Lewis graduate was accepted into the University of Southern California.

While we have a relatively small number of students aspiring to careers in the health professions, those students who choose our programs get lots of personal attention, advice, and help as they work their way toward their career goals.